On December 13th, 2019, the Journal of International Business Studies Paper Development Workshop was held at the University of Leeds, the conference venue of the 2019 European International Business Academy (EIBA) conference. The workshop was organized jointly by Fabian Froese (the University of Goettingen, Chair of AIB Western Europe) and Becky Reuber (University of Toronto, JIBS Area Editor).

The purpose of the JIBS-PDW was to provide junior scholars with developmental feedback on their current research projects in International Business, while also offering an excellent opportunity for networking with renowned scholars and hearing about the reviewing and publishing process at the Journal of International Business Studies. To this end, a group of 19 young scholars and 18 discussants gathered to delve deeper into the development of promising papers.

After a brief introductory round, Becky Reuber opened the paper development workshop by presenting the Journal of International Business Studies. She talked about important aspects of the publication process and shared her valuable experience with the audience in an interactive manner, where participants also had the chance to raise questions on different aspects of publishing and to discuss them with Becky and the attending experts.

After a short coffee break, the participants formed a number of groups to discuss their work with established IB researchers. Papers were matched to authors and discussants by topic and method, allowing for the best possible feedback. Authors were given time to briefly introduce their work, before in-depth discussions were sparked on all aspects of papers submitted, providing thorough and constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. After hours of intensive exchange, especially the junior scholars left this workshop with plenty of “food for thought” and new contacts being made.