Welcome to Western Europe’s Premier Organization for International Business Scholars

Academy of International Business Western Europe (AIB WE) is a leading association of international business scholars based in and/or interested in Western Europe. This homepage provides some information about our events and us. If interested, please feel free to contact us and/or meet us during our future events.

Fast Facts

AIB WE was founded in 2010 as a regional chapter of the Academy of International Business. In 2019, AIB WE was re-launched and inaugurated to offer more events and benefits for members. The number of members and chapter officers has increased substantially in recent years.

AIB WE is a major regional chapter within the AIB network, with more than 500 members, covering 26 European countries. The other European AIB chapters cover the UK, Ireland and Eastern Europe. All other European countries belong to AIB Western Europe Chapter, including Northern and Southern Europe.

AIB WE regularly organizes various events, from large, general conferences to small, focused workshops. The plan is to organize one major, general conference every 2-3 years, and smaller events, e.g. thematic focused conferences, paper development workshops, during the other years. If you have any proposal, please get in touch with us.